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  The Stout Boys
Tough on Health; Tough on the Causes of Health.
Enjoy getting pished responsibly -
The stout boys are a loose association of Guinness drinkers, who have also been known to attend the occassional rugby match.


Twickenhill: 6 - 7 April 2013


Another trip to Twickenhill.  This time to meet Saracens (who are still trying to shake off their nomadic lifestyle) in the ERC quarter-final.  We're in L22 in the East Stand.  Half Six kick-off, so if it's a nice day, a bottle of Bucky in the West Car Park may be the order of the day.

Northamton: 7 - 9 December 2012

Northampton Proper Northampton this time

After a great time in Northampton for the quater-final 2 years ago, we're going back for the pool game in December.  Should be there for opening time Friday. Match is at 8:00 p.m. and we have all day Saturday to do the things we missed last time; for example, the shoe museum!  Although I suspect we may find ourselves in the Wig & Pen again (... and the TAB ... and the Malt Shovel ...)

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And a huge thanks to Colin who is very kindly providing the accomodation!

ERC Final 2012 - Twickenham

Ulster v Leinster - 19th May 2012

TwickenhamHeerzme Whaaa

Pictures of London

Flying to Stansted, stupid o'clock, Friday morning; Staying with the London Chapter.
We hope to be out at Twickenham for 'lunch' on Saturday.
If the weather is decent, we'll probably 'dine' al fresco in the West Car Park.
 Hope to see you there!
Recover Sunday; Fly home Monday morning.

ERC Semi-final 2012 - Lansdowne Road

Ulster v Edinburgh - 28th April 2012

ERCsemi2012 Pictures of Lansdowne

ERC Quarter-final 2012 - Munster

8 - 9th April 2012

munster12 eggstomond
Easter  Sunday in Limerick.

Pictures of Limerick

Leicester 2011

18-20th November 2011.

Leicester  leicester11

Photos of Leicester

Flying into Luton on Friday evening.  Rather than mess about with the usual various doomed plans, we'll admit defeat straight away and and get a taxi to Leicester. Should be in the bar by 8pm.  A couple of wee bars to visit on Saturday morning, and then make our way out to Welford Road early for the 6pm kick-off.  Relaxing breakfast and quiet lunch before heading back via Luton again on Sunday evening.

We're on the H&B Terrace and if you'd like to join us, we still have a couple of spares.

Leinster - Magners League Semi 2011

leinster11 leinster11

Photos of Leinster


ERC Quarter-final - Northampton Milton Keynes


8th or 9th until 11th April 2011.

SSC and URSC Photos of Northampton

Flying through Birmingham; staying in Northampton.  All sorted for tickets now, thanks.

Biarritz III 

Kirola Pictures of Biarritz 2010

The stout boys return to Biarritz from Friday 15th to Monday 18th October 2010 for the Heineken cup second round match (Sunday 17th Oct 16h00).  There's talk of a trip to Donostia on Saturday.  All of which will barely leave time for some coat shopping and a visit to the local A&E.

Accomodation is yet to be aranged as our usual hotel has been getting very bad reviews recently, so another visit from us is probably the last thing they need right now.

Just to jog our somewhat hazy memories of the last time we visited, we've put together a photo review of  Biarritz 2005

Aviva Stadium  Lansdowne Road:  31 July 2010

new stadium wee stand

We were represented at the reopening of Lansdowne Road for the match between Ulster/Leinster and Connacht/Munster development XVs.  The hand-driers didn't work; the roof leaked, but worst of all the Guinness was dispensed from a fast-food carry-out machine and tasted much as you would imagine.
 McGuinness :(While we are concerned by the move to Murphys at Ravenhill, we utterly condemn the move to McGuinness at Lansdowne!

Bath:  22 - 25 Jauary 2010

Abbey Ales   Pictures of Bath

The main event of the 2009/10 season will be a bath in January.

Who will be given the responsibilty of bringing the team shower gel?

Again sparing no expense, we have sent an operative to recce Bath in advance of January's visit.  See our Stout Guide to Bath.

Airport transfers have been arranged.

Abnormal Load

Stade Francais v Ulster

Regrettably the Sprout Boys will not be represented at this weekend’s game in Brussels.  

With Xmas nearly upon us, even the promise of more Belgian beer than you could shake a chocolate waffle at, could not persuade us to abandon our long-suffering families.  And it’s just not worth the journey to see another wee lad pissing in a continental fountain … been there; done that; splashed the Tshirt.
That said, plans are afoot to join in the festivities from the remote location of the Big House via the wonders of modern technology (the tele).  The event may also double as the long awaited 2008 Xmas dinner.

Edinburgh: 17 - 18 October 2009

Just time for a wee sneaky trip to aul reekie.

Arriving Saturday morning, leaving Sunday evening;  There'll barely be time to view the castle again.
Edinburgh  Pictures of the 'Embrace the Pear' Tour.


Wales v Ireland:  Cardiff 2009 

 Wales 15 Ireland 17 Don't mention the G word!

No it's OK to say Guinness, especially if it is prefixed with a random number and followed by please. It's the other G word we mean - the one that rhymes with Brand Clam. The stout boys will be represented in Cardiff for the 6 Nations Championship decider. Travel will be via Luton (a small town in East Wales) and the return leg will hopefully include a visit to MadStad to celebrate St Paddy (the patron saint of alcoholism)

Pictures of Cardiff   Pictures of Reading

Galway: 17 - 19 October 2008

'Refreshing Drunks' in No Golf shocker

Green Keepers across Connacht breathed a collective sigh of relief yesterday, as the much anticipated golf trip failed to materialise from a pungent haze of Guinness guts.  This was undoubtedly caused by the Bulmers!

The majority of the boys opting to spend the day in the pub rather than go worrying a small white ball around a field.  It is still unclear if Lee made it to the golf as he was pretty quiet all weekend - rarely venturing from his room.


>PICTURES OF Galway 08

Galway in October

Connacht v London Irish, sounds like too good an opportunity to miss.  With the Londoners flying in for the weekend, plans are afoot for the Ulster mob to meet them in the wild, wild west.  If we could just find a reasonably priced hedge in Eyre Square.


European Rugby Cup 2008/09

The draw for HEC 2008/09 presented Ulster with the following pool:

Stade Francais Paris (again), Llanelli (again), Ulster (just as well), Harlequins (the London ones, not that crowd at Deramore). 

Initial reaction has not been good, with a few people wondering if Connacht will be going anywhere nice this year in the Challenge Cup.  We believe that despite the slump in the property market, one London resident has already put his house on the market. 


London: 4-6 April 2008

 Stout Boys - London Chapter

Despite the best efforts of Ulster Rugby, the Stout Boys attended the promised Heineken Cup Quarterfinal after all.  Arriving 16 months late at the Madejski stadium, we saw London Irish dispose of Perpignan.  But it was leaving the match that the excitement really started...

Stoutboys shaken by encounter with “Wild Man of Borneo” at the Mad Stad!!

After witnessing London Irish secure a super HEC Quarter Final victory over USAP at Reading, several Stoutboys were left shaken by an encounter with a one of the most terrifying creatures on the surface of the planet – and no we don’t mean Stoutboy Slug when he is kebabless!

Reading is not noted for its tropical rainforest, so imagine the fright Stoutboys got when leaving the Mad Stad to witness a huge hairy creature, all hair an teeth, burst forth from roadside undergrowth and hijack a taxi.  Stoutboy Mac takes up the shocking story:

“I now know why it’s called the Mad Stad.  We had just left the stadium in fine fettle after witnessing Irish do the business against USAP.  I was even contemplating my first beer of the weekend in celebration.  I had been told that getting public transport back to Reading town centre could be quite difficult after a match so was keeping an eye out for a taxi that we could flag down.  Young Lee, an apprentice stoutboy was with me.  It was his first Stoutboy match and I wanted to get him home safe and sound.  I had just spotted a taxi and was about to flag it down when I noticed some movement in the roadside undergrowth.  This might sound ridiculous, but I would have sworn I heard some grunting noises that on any other day I would have identified as a Scouse accent.  Suddenly this huge creature burst through a bush right in front of me.  It was snarling and slobbering, all hair and teeth and was chameleon like in that it was green, the same colour as the bush.  My life flashed in front of me, I thought it was all going to end – I haven’t known terror like it since Stoutboy Tel had an encounter with the woman Stoutboy Slug brought home to our house about 20 years ago ( yes, you know the one, daughter of a famous international goalkeeper – 'big hands').


A shadowy figure appears from out of the bushes


"Anyway, the creature, looking like the Wild Man of Borneo, jumped out in front of the taxi I was about to hail.  The taxi screeched to a halt.  The driver looked aghast.  As long as I live I’ll never forget the look in his eyes.  The creature hijacked the taxi and it sped off towards Reading.  I wouldn’t give that taxi driver any chance of surviving.  It was horrible.  Poor Lee went catatonic, for the second time in 24 hours given the state of him the night before.  He may never recover and I doubt he’ll ever be fit enough for another Stoutboy trip.  I’m not sure I would ever go back to Reading myself – it really was the Mad Stad there!”

It is reported that the Public Carriage Office, in association with London Zoo will be issuing every taxi driver in the Twickenham area with tranquiliser darts and a great big net.


Cork: 22-23 March 2008

Pictures of Cork


Despite the christian church moving their Easter celebrations to coincide with (and suppress) our visit to Cork - the trip goes ahead in defiance! 

With most of the pubs in Ireland closed on Good Friday (what's so good about it, then?), we will leave Saturday morning and return Sunday, after which we will send letters of condemnation to the Holy See, the Archbishop of Canterbury (and Nike, Addidas, Kukri and Kooga - just to be on the safe side), the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, the Conference of the Methodist Church and your man who's just taken over from big Ian.

Bourgoin: November 2007


PICTURES OF BOURGOIN 07           Thumbs up awards.


After the original flights were changed to Nice, we are now hoping to fly yo Lyon on Friday.  Get a bus or something down to Bourgoin and stay there for the duration.  Returning Sunday - god only knows how.

Our research tells us that there is plenty of beer available in the stadium (Pierre Rajon). There is the Bar du Stade outside the main gate. Elsewhere in the town there is the 'Albion' owned by an kiwi rugby player. The 'Chelem' near the station sounds like it could be a rugby bar. Also mentioned is 'la Rep' and 'le Leffe'. Place du 23 Aout (la Fontaine) seems to be a centre of night life.

For eating - "Il Divino", "Côté Provence"or "Le Grand Café".

Toulouse Two: 18-22 January 2007

Pics of Toulouse


This year’s main event will be the return to Toulouse after our triumphant … err … draw there in 2000.

After much debate, it has been decided to continue with our traditional ‘go Thursday– return Monday’ policy. Contrary to popular belief this policy is not to give us 5 days on the piss, but is to … err … ensure we are not disrupted by any last minute alterations to the match schedule. Anyway it’s cheaper to fly on a Thursday (provided you don’t factor in hospital bills).

In an act of unity with the London Chapter, we have also opted to travel via London Gatwick. A proposal to stop off at CDG to rendez-vous with the Paris Chapter was rejected as being ‘too bloody stupid, even for us’. An invite was issued to our Carribean Chapter, but they have not been heard of since hurricane Wilma.

The decision to make BA our carrier of choice ahead of Queasyjet was taken after analysis of low-cost v free-bar. 


London: 9-10 December 2006


The London Chapter will be hosting the Stout Boys at the London Irish v Ulster match at Reading on 9th December, with the favour bieng returned the following week, as our English bretheren make the trip to Ravenhill.

Or we could all just have a nice wee lie in!


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