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So much has changed since 2000, we decided to update our research. 

We spared no expense and sent a man there in September - he finally made it back at Xmas.  Here is his draft report:



The advance party's 3 month long study into Toulouse has completed and has come up with the following findings:



St Pierre area,

- Studenty type area - "you're never more than a few feet from a bar or a kebab shop"


Danu 9 rue du Pont Guihemery

- Mad Trev's pub - the best of the Irish pubs


Kilarney 14 rue Alfred Dumeril


Mulligans 39 Grande Rue St-Michel

- other Irish pubs to the south of the city centre.


Cafe Populaire ("Cafe Pop")

- beer hall type place


Le Frog et Rosbif

- maybe popular with the bootleg beer fraternity.



And on the return from the match, you may pass


Le Bateaux

- a barge for those on the blarge.